How to bet on tennis to win

In terms of betting, tennis is almost an ideal sport. Of course, there are some shortcomings, but all this is offset by a huge variety of tactics and strategies both in lane and in live. Here we will analyze this sport by bones and try to understand exactly how to win on this sport.

The main features of tennis betting

Tennis has so many features that it is perfect for both beginners and very experienced bettors.

Dynamics. One of the main features of tennis is that athletes will definitely show a great game, and will not walk around the field for 90 minutes with the ball without scoring chances.

There are only two players in a tennis match. Therefore, the result is directly affected by the current form of both athletes. The form can be attributed not only to physical condition and general skill, but also to the psycho-emotional state.

Injuries and withdrawals during the match. Substitutions of athletes are unacceptable, so an injury immediately knocks an athlete out of the tournament. Unfortunately, this is completely impossible to predict. Only in rare cases in live it can be noticed that the player does not feel well, or he is worried about some kind of damage. In this case, it is better to refrain from betting altogether.

Tennis is great for a variety of betting strategies. Study them, put them into practice, work on the mistakes and you will receive a stable profit.

Weather factor. While basketball and hockey matches are played in indoor arenas and stadiums, the vast majority of tennis matches are played outdoors. And playing, for example, in the rain H is almost unacceptable.This in a certain way can affect the course of the match.

Tennis betting chips

Tennis is a great sport for making big money. And here, as in many other sports, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • Experienced bettors carefully take into account the emotional component of the athlete, up to his personal life. Blues are an integral part of emotional players who are charged with positive energy from fans.
  • Lefty factor. Another typical factor when betting on tennis, which must be taken into account. Such players are uncomfortable in almost any sport.
  • Rate movement. For professionals, this is far from news, and they actively use this position. Sometimes the line itself “suggests” which outcome is better to take, and the bettor already chooses whether to play along the line or against it.
  • A large number of people forget about their advantage over the bookmaker: the office has to give a line, but you only bet at will. Sometimes it is better not to play at all than to bet and lose.

Types of strategies

Betting strategies are great for tennis. Both beginners and professionals can earn good money here.

Favorite bet. The most banal strategy that can be used in any sport. There is nothing complicated here.

A bet on the favorite to lose the first set. The bet is made during the game. It often happens that the favorite concedes in the first set. The main thing here is to correctly assess the situation. If you see that the favorite plays quite well, or his opponent just got lucky in key draws, then you can safely bet on the victory of the favorite in the match.

Accurate account. Betting on the correct score allows you to get more favorable odds. But at the same time, one must be completely sure that the favorite will play without failures from beginning to end.

Score 40:40. The bottom line is to try to predict whether the score will be 40:40 during the game or not. Who wins in this case does not matter.

Game bet. This strategy is not recommended for beginners. The idea is to bet on the server to win every game, since according to statistics, he wins his serves more often.

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