Basketball betting: how to do it

Basketball betting: how to do it

Basketball is a sport that does not let you get bored. Of course, it does not have as many fans as football, but it also has many fans. It is worth studying the behavior of basketball matches in order to get additional opportunities for making good profits on sports betting.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on basketball

Basketball is a game that, like any other, has its positive and negative sides. The main advantages include:

  • variety of events;
  • high betting limits and low margins on the NBA;
  • regularity.

Since the main bets are made by the Americans, who are ready for very generous contributions, the bookmakers are constantly trying to improve the conditions of the game. And this is a weighty reason to start studying the rules of this game in more detail.

But there is also a drawback – low limits and odds for European competitions, since this game is not as popular as in America.

Types of bets

To choose the best betting option for yourself and get a good profit on it, it is recommended to follow these simple rules:

  • keep a betting diary;
  • do not make large contributions at the very beginning;
  • do not use the bankroll randomly;
  • stop betting exclusively on the team you like.

The diary will allow you to keep a record of already made bets, which will allow you to analyze each move, draw conclusions and work on mistakes. You can also write down your goals and track your progress.

Money line

Determining the winner is the easiest, this option is ideal for those who are just starting to learn the features of basketball betting. Such a bet suggests that you need to determine the winner. A draw is also possible, but this probability is minimal.


A strategy according to this principle involves not only determining the winner, but also the difference in the score.


Total involves guessing the total number of points. Bookmakers, as a rule, constantly try to diversify this type of bet, so they offer to guess the following outcomes:

  • total of each team;
  • total total for quarters and halves;
  • achievements of a particular player.

Win by a margin

This type of bet is not very popular, however, it can be found in almost all offices. The bookmaker makes it possible to guess the exact difference with which one of the teams will win the match. This option differs from the handicap in that you have to guess the range of this very difference.

Pre-match analytics

Pre-match analytics must necessarily include the following nuances:

  • form of the opponent;
  • results of previous competitions;
  • analysis of face-to-face confrontations;
  • position in the standings;
  • personal motivation of the whole team and specific players;
  • how many players with excellent ratings before the match were injured or suspended.

This sport does not involve a strong decline in the form of athletes after each match, which means that it is much easier to control this moment. There is always up-to-date information on the Internet about their condition.

Of course, the results of the previous match should not be the basis for deciding which bet to place. But if the team has already lost several times and it has to play with a very strong opponent, then you should not hope for luck in this case.Taking into account this feature, be sure to consider where exactly the team played. If this is a home game, then, as a rule, the team shows its best results. Here the hall is familiar, and the support of the fans helps. Whereas the results of an away match, in addition to these criteria, are also affected by a long flight, a change in time and climate.

If the teams have already played each other before, then it would be rational to watch the last match again before betting and analyze the game.

Motivation also plays an important role. If this win is especially beneficial for a certain team (significant advancement in the standings, patriotic moments, etc.), then it will probably show better results than expected from it.

Injuries and disqualification are very common in basketball. This is due to the very tight schedule of the games. Personnel changes always play an important role, as they significantly affect the outcome of the game. Therefore, this moment must be constantly monitored.

To increase your chances of winning, see also the predictions. Do not just focus on the data that the press reports. Often, journalists deliberately artificially increase interest in a particular sporting event. But even after looking at the finished forecast, it is not necessary to place a bet on its basis. Often this is necessary to notice important points and draw important conclusions.

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