What sport is better to bet on?

What sport is better to bet on?

It is difficult to unequivocally answer such a question. Of course, it is better to bet on what you are already good at, but this is not enough to regularly make a profit from sports betting. We do not guarantee the earnings of millions, but we will tell you what will be useful for beginners.

Betting basics and pre-match analytics

As soon as the choice of the office is made, consider that half of the success is already in your pocket. The rest depends on understanding how the bookmaker works and the ability to analyze the likely outcomes of sporting events.

Analysis of upcoming games. Most of the players neglect this particular component of betting, greatly underestimating its importance. You can’t bet on the “finger to the sky” principle if your plans, in addition to draining your bankroll, have a place to win and earn money on sports betting.

What to look for when analyzing events and what factors can influence the game?

  • The density of the game calendar. The more often the selected team has scheduled meetings with rivals, the less likely it is that players can fully restore their strength from match to match. This means that the chance of winning can be significantly reduced.
  • The interaction of players within the team and the level of understanding and ability to motivate the players to the coach.
  • Transfers scheduled for the near future. If a player has to transfer to another team in the near future, it no longer makes sense for him to give all the best in matches at 100%. If the player was a strong link in the team, then her chances of winning are reduced. Personal situations, information about which is not always available in the public domain (illness, divorce, quarrels, death of loved ones).
  • Weather conditions can play a role if the game is planned outdoors.

Individual sport or team?

It is believed that it is much more difficult to predict the outcome of team games than individual ones. To study a particular athlete, you need to know how he lives and trains, what he eats. In the case of a football bet, you will have to study the lifestyle and habits of two dozen people, including injured and newcomers.

However, this does not give an unequivocal answer to the question of which sport is better to bet on. Even during an individual competition, such as a tennis tournament, an experienced athlete can suffer an injury that will affect his performance. Or just go to court in a bad mood. And in this case, the potentially winning bet is automatically “merge”. If this happens in team sports, the player can simply be replaced and this will have almost no effect on the outcome of the match (the exception is the undisputed leaders, on which the entire game of the team rests).

One more nuance: team sports traditionally have the biggest bets and the biggest winnings. If an underdog basketball or hockey team wins the tournament, there is a chance to increase the original amount by a hundred times. In individual types of rates are usually more modest.

Tips and Strategies for Beginner Players

Choose only trusted bookmakers.

Look for the best odds. The higher your bet odds, the bigger your potential winnings.In this regard, finding the best odds becomes a priority for bettors who want to make a profit in the long term.

Place bets on the sports you know. Don’t jump into every sport or every event in pursuit of winning. Define for yourself a certain circle of sports competitions in which you understand best, and bet within them. Even if you hear mass appeals to bet on a “foreign” sport for you, because there is a cool event coming up, ignore it.

Use bankroll management. The bank and proper management of it in rates is no less important than finding a potentially passing bet. Proper allocation of funds will help you stay afloat even with a negative ROI (the effectiveness of your bets), and with a positive one, you will be able to use capital as efficiently as possible. ROI allows you to correlate the profit received with the amount that you bet on all bets in general.

Know when to stop. This is the scourge of many bettors, and not only beginners. Even experienced cappers with many years of experience sometimes break down, start playing above the limit set for themselves or try to recapture the lost, which ultimately leads to sad consequences. To prevent this from happening to you, set yourself a specific game goal for the day, week or month in advance. After that, it remains only to control your emotions and excitement.

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