Player injuries: how to use information to win and earn money?

Player injuries: how to use information to win and earn money?

Sports and injuries are synonymous words. Injuries prevent athletes of absolutely any kind from doing their job well. Sometimes an athlete goes to a match with an injury and plays through pain, and sometimes this pain is so strong that you have to miss the most important meetings in your career. In this article, we will talk about how athletes’ injuries can be used in betting.

Team sports

It is generally accepted that in team sports the injury factor is not so important. Indeed, in football, for example, 11 people enter the field. If one gets injured, he will be swapped out and the other 10 will remain in the game. There is certainly a difference with a sport where everything depends on one person. But this does not mean that the injury factor in team sports is completely unimportant.


Injury to the goalkeeper or central defender. Historically in football, coaches rarely decide to change the goalkeeper or central defender. These are key positions, they are touched as a last resort. Therefore, in most teams there is no equivalent replacement for these players. Who will agree to sit on a bench in the prime of life? If during the match the main center back or goalkeeper is injured, consider a bet on the other team’s goal. Especially if there are rivals approximately equal in class.

Scorer injury. Here the situation is less clear, the style of play of the teams may be different, not all teams play with one pronounced scorer.But if you follow such a team and the scorer is injured, you can bet that the team will not score or score very little in the next game. Just because the scheme of the game is tailored specifically for this player. The reserve forward, of course, will try, but it is far from a fact that he will be able to fully replace his partner.


This is another team sport in which no one is surprised by injuries. Considering that more than 20 hockey players on the same team go on the ice during a match, injuries are even more frequent here. There is no problem to replace one player, but there are frequent situations when several hockey players drop out at once.

If five players or more have left, feel free to bet against the team. Rotation by rotation, and the quality level will definitely fall. The links will have to be shaken up, there will be a loss of teamwork. And if you constantly play in three links, the team will just eat up very quickly. What the opponent will not fail to take advantage of.


In basketball, the application is much shorter, and there are only five people on the court at the same time, so the injury of one, and even more so the leader, is much more critical. Now many teams are building their game around one star, which is gaining the lion’s share of points. If the leader drops out, it is extremely difficult to rebuild, the whole game system breaks down.

Individual sports

In singles sports, injuries are a key moment, because there is no substitute, you have to either play through the pain, or else refuse to continue the fight. Often this factor is used by players at bets. Let’s analyze this on the example of the most popular individual sport – tennis.First, it is highly recommended to have some kind of list of players who have either been injured recently or who often resort to medical timeouts. Simple observation of such tennis players can lead to excellent betting results.

Bet on losing a player returning from an injury. Of course, in the process of rehabilitation, a tennis player constantly trains, but neither the gym nor sparring will ever replace official matches. The lack of playing practice always affects the player when he missed a significant amount of time. Significant – that is, more than a month.

Bet on elimination on the next lap after the injury. It happens that a tennis player confidently wins and gets injured. The opponent is weak and after medical assistance he manages to bring the match to victory. But what’s next? Sometimes a player is removed, and sometimes he goes to the next round on injections, through pain. And then it is definitely worth betting against him. After all, the opponent will know about the injury. If this is a leg, then he will try to keep the ball in the rally longer, drive the injured person around the court. If the hand – then constantly beat under it, forcing to strike with a sick limb. To win in such conditions will be a real feat.

Injuries are always unpleasant, but you can’t get away from them. They were, are and will be in sports. This factor can and should be used in sports betting, but with caution.

In team events, injury is not so important, because a player can be replaced, but sometimes it is possible to trace a certain pattern. But in individual sports, the condition of the players is a key point. Few people manage to confidently win through pain.

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